How to buy yoga mats

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Yoga mats make us feel comfortable and relaxed. The most important thing is to let us persevere better and achieve the purpose of our practice!

Yoga has become the preferred fitness item for more and more people, especially for female white-collar workers in the city, the choice of yoga mats and the choice of sports items—the same, high quality is very important.

There are so many different types of yoga mats on the market. What kind of yoga mat is harmless to health and of high quality that can be used for a long time? A good yoga mat must meet two requirements.

1. The yoga mat is in direct contact with the skin of the practitioner. It is also a chemical product and must not be poisonous or smelly.

Poisonous and odorous cushions have not undergone non-toxic and odorless treatment. When they are opened, they have a great smell, which can smoke people's eyes. After being scrubbed with water for a long time or placed in a dry place for about 20 days, the smell will be less, but the uncomfortable smell will always be Yes, practitioners will experience adverse reactions such as intermittent dizziness, neuropathic headache, nausea and fatigue after prolonged use.

2. A good yoga mat requires a moderate material weight, and the mat is not easily deformed after a long time.